1. Let's connect through Social Media

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 25th Nov 2011

    Social media is a great tool, and a brilliant advance in the capabilities of the internet. It’s has also become big business for people trying to sell their products through it. This can be a massive mistake and plenty of people do it the wrong...

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  2. The truth about reviews? Most of them are lies.

    Posted by Katy Cowan on 25th Nov 2011

    It's quite scary how much dishonesty still remains in the advertising world. Even though people have wised up over the past three decades and advertisers have had to find new ways to spark people's interest and buy their client's products or...

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  3. Zara on Art and Fashion

    Posted by Alex Stoltze on 24th Nov 2011

    The Selby produced another beautiful video, this time for Zara, one of the largest international fashion companies, featuring Lucy Chadwick who runs a contemporary art gallery in NYC. She lives with her companion and lover, Duffy, who is a...

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  4. Understanding Movement Marketing

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 22nd Nov 2011

    Too many people do not understand that purely shouting about your products is one of the worst things you could possibly do online. Instead, look at what everyone else is doing. They’re joining in on other people’s conversations, offering...

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  5. Is brand loyalty the core to Apple's success?

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 22nd Nov 2011

    Apple has just launched a software update to fix a problem that was draining the battery life of its new iPhone 4S, something that caused a wave of complaints from customers and critics across the globe. Of course, it didn’t help that Apple...

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  6. When controversy equals success

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 22nd Nov 2011

    Being controversial can make a campaign stand out and create a lot of buzz, and so when we created [www.the-girl-store.org](http://www.the-girl-store.org) for non-governmental organization Nanhi Kali, which aims to provide underprivileged Indian...

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  7. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Meet Small Business Saturday

    Posted by Anthony Kalamut on 20th Nov 2011

    In America this week we will celebrate Thanksgiving. A day to celebrate family, friends and reasons to be thankful, but the days following will give the economy a great measuring device; How good will this holiday season be in terms of retail...

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  8. How to get onto the advertising career ladder

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 20th Nov 2011

    You’ve set your heart on a career in advertising. You’ve seen the commercials and campaigns, and you’re full of great ideas – thinking ‘I could do it better’ is nothing new to you. So how exactly do you secure that all important first...

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  9. Let the movement come from the heart

    Posted by Sonal Jhuj on 17th Nov 2011

    Meet your consumers: a thriving, well-connected, opinionated network of people. This well-connected network of consumers has given birth to many movements, some small and some that are on their way to changing the world. A brand’s primary job...

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  10. Who's profiting from the Occupy Wall Street movement?

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 14th Nov 2011

    Whether OWS will ultimately have an impact on the issue of income inequality is hard to say. But one thing it has already achieved is to awaken in people to the power of movements. I believe many who’ve watched what transpired in Zucotti Park...

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