1. They're turning off the web

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 18th Jan 2012

    Due to governmental interference, the Internet will be turned off until further notice. Or at least, it’s getting 24 hours in the penalty box. Don’t try to do any Wiki research today. Or indeed use Wordpress for your blog. Because these giants...

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  2. What I learned last year

    Posted by Jennifer Hohn on 18th Jan 2012

    What would happen if everything we’ve learned needs to be unlearned? (Within reason, of course. Put down the pitchforks and come out of your bomb shelters. If you want to light something on fire, that’s your call. I’m not condoning it.)...

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  3. Predicting the Future of Social Media

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 17th Jan 2012

    Forget predictions from Nostradamus or the Mayan Calendar. Now, we have companies like Recorded Future analyzing semantics and sentiments to foretell the future. They do this by sorting through thousands of news publications, blogs, tweets,...

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  4. Start to Finish

    Posted by Olivia Gossett on 17th Jan 2012

    It's 10:30pm on a Thursday. Some people I know are out grabbing a drink or doing laundry. Some are making plans for this weekend. And some may even be eating this thing called dinner. I'm at the office and probably will be for another hour or so....

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  5. Power to the people - The Shorty Awards

    Posted by Katy Cowan on 12th Jan 2012

    Starting movements has never been easier, especially since the digital revolution brought us the delights of the Internet and social media. In fact, since communication went global it has changed the world as we know it, bringing about cultural...

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  6. Progress Principle: You're More Important Than You Think

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 10th Jan 2012

    Do you feel that you contribute to something that matters in your job? Or do you think you’re given just a lot of meaningless tasks? The fact is that if you don’t think what you’re doing actually matters, then you won’t be motivated to...

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  7. The Social Fabric Movement

    Posted by Mehdi Mollahasani on 4th Jan 2012

    Over the past fourteen weeks, I have been working on a cause marketing assignment at the Creative Advertising Program at Seneca College. We were given an opportunity to choose a cause and a client of our choice. I selected traffic congestion as my...

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  8. Sparking of Social Movements

    Posted by Elizabeth Kiehner on 3rd Jan 2012

    Today's hyper-connected world is pervaded by social media that have become so implicated in our daily lives that we often don't stop to think how these engines of information affect everything from what we buy, to who we know, to how we...

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  9. No billboards, no outdoor advertising? What next?

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 3rd Jan 2012

    Can you imagine a city without billboards, business signs or posters? An urban landscape with absolutely no advertising displayed anywhere? Seems impossible doesn’t it but that’s exactly what happened in São Paulo, Brazil five years ago when...

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  10. How to have power and influence on the web in 2012

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 20th Dec 2011

    Let’s face it. 2011 has been one of the most eventful years to date. It’s been a time of numerous uprisings, protests and upheavals. But what’s really interesting and different about uprisings today is that individuals are starting their own...

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