1. We're All in the Moving Business

    Posted by Tom Ritchie on 16th Dec 2011

    We’ve heard it many times: “We are no longer in the persuasion business…” But have we really changed that much? It certainly hasn’t changed overnight, and who forgot to tell the Big Fish? You know those agencies. The ones that still run...

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  2. Will 'Occupy' affect this year's Christmas shopping?

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 13th Dec 2011

    Here’s a question for you. Do you think a movement like Occupy Wall Street (OWS) can change people’s shopping habits, particularly in the run up to Christmas? Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing, certainly thinks so. She believes that...

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  3. How to create future brands

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 12th Dec 2011

    Imagine for a moment that brands are on a magical conveyor belt; propelled by the fusion of technology and humanization, moving toward a place called brand relevancy. The brand’s momentum could slow, increase or stop depending on each brand’s...

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  4. 2012 Social Media Business Trends

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 9th Dec 2011

    As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to start looking at social media trends for 2012. Businesses should get ready for seismic shifts on the digital landscape. Competition will intensify as the rules of marketing are further altered by...

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  5. Embracing Movement Marketing

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 9th Dec 2011

    Is it a new way of thinking or is it something that has been around for a long time but just flies under the radar in most companies. It’s definitely the latter, well at least it was; this was until Strawberry Frog came along and changed...

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  6. Hop to it and Save the Frogs!

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 5th Dec 2011

    Love wildlife? Want to preserve endangered species for generations to come? Frogs need your help! A movement is gathering momentum here in the States to ‘Save the Frogs’. Founded in 2008, it’s America’s first and only public charity...

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  7. Want brand success? Make them love you

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 5th Dec 2011

    Forbes recently revealed its Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders 2011, something that independently measures brand loyalty to see which products consumers seem to love the most. Top of the list was Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Samsung followed by Zappos,...

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  8. Sparking India’s rise with a cultural movement

    Posted by Kate Pennington on 1st Dec 2011

    Stop by a chai (tea) stall anywhere in India and you can join the customary conversation about the oppressive heat, the crumbling infrastructure, the struggle to get your children a good education. There’s little faith that the government will...

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  9. You do not need to watch the news anymore because it comes to you

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 1st Dec 2011

    Social media has had a profound effect on how we live our lives. But once again, it keeps on breaking barriers. A recent revelation has made me take my hat off to social media, specifically twitter, and say thank you for making my life easier. It...

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  10. Making cultural movements work for you

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 30th Nov 2011

    Culture is something I’ve been fascinated with from a very young age. Not from a business point of view, but I just liked to meet and listen to people from around the world. Culture has always been something that should be embraced. Every year,...

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