Tom Ritchie

After years spent as an Asset Manager for the world’s largest steel company and moonlighting as a Real Estate Investor, Tom decided to return to school to study Advertising. His first year into his studies, Tom founded AdBuzz, which has quickly become the world’s largest community for MarComm students to gain knowledge and provide opportunity for the next generation.

Tom leads a highly driven and intelligent team at AdBuzz and believes in the philosophies of David Ogivly, by which surrounding yourself by people smarter than you are will pave the road to success.

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Posts by Tom Ritchie

  1. We're All in the Moving Business

    Posted by Tom Ritchie on 16th Dec 2011

    We’ve heard it many times: “We are no longer in the persuasion business…” But have we really changed that much? It certainly hasn’t changed overnight, and who forgot to tell the Big Fish? You know those agencies. The ones that still run...

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