Uniting the masses will help single you out!

Posted on 25th Jan 2012 by Lisa Colantuono in Blog

There isn’t an agency that meets with AAR Partners (a 30-year agency search consultancy in case you're unfamiliar with the name) that doesn’t start or end with one of the following questions: “Who are the ad agencies that are doing things well today? What are successful agencies doing to crack the clutter? How do agencies attract clients’ attention?”

The answers that are often given include setting strict objectives, developing pitch lists, determining goals and being extremely focused on categories or target markets where the agency has knee-deep experience. It's a start but they often produce ordinary results. Everyone is trying to crack the clutter and be the one standing out from the pack like a beacon in the night but going about the prospecting process by typically doing the same things and expecting different results. Of course, it's the definition of insanity too! So what are the answers to this age old question of successful prospecting?

The agencies that do seem to grasp marketers' attention are those that create bonds with consumers rather than just creating brands. Those purpose-driven brands that create attraction rather than just attention to themselves are the one's that marketers are most intrigued with and often want to know the agency talent that is behind that movement!

Long gone are the days of the monologue. In fact, the dialogue is also outdated. Today, communications is a “trialogue.” Consumers must be able to interact with the brand physically, mentally, emotionally or viscerally allowing them to bond with the brand. Of course, one of the most impactful ways to contribute to the conversations and help create movements is through social media. Brand managers no longer control the conversation around the brand’s image. Instead brands now earn the right to word of mouth since consumers are no longer willing to be subject to conventional messaging that speaks at them.

Instead they want to engage in authentic conversations through experiences that inform, entertain and empower. They’re less interested in transactions and more impressed with connections that count. As a result, social media is today’s necessity which is why major marketers such as Procter & Gamble, Dell, Converse, and Lexus are shifting more dollars towards social media. "Ninety percent of CIOs today are making their purchase decisions through social media," Karen Quintos, Dell CMO.

Zappos, Starbucks, Burt’s Bees, JetBlue, Tom’s Shoes…these are purpose-driven brands that attracted a mass following by going against conventional approaches, using “tradigital” media, creating emotional connections, and offering more than just a cup of coffee, a pair of shoes or a means of transportation. What about the agencies behind the creation of these cultural movements by forming a “need” to be part of the group and inviting the masses to bond with the brand? Those are the ones that stand out from the crowd and crack the clutter when prospecting new clients!

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