Cheryl Burgess

Cheryl Burgess (@ckburgess) is an award winning digital and social brand consultant, blogger, and speaker. Her knowledge of business strategy, passion for creative expression and social technology, helps businesses achieve the remarkable.

Cheryl Burgess (@ckburgess) Co-founder, Managing Partner and CMO of Blue Focus Marketing, is a speaker, author, creative and marketing technologist with expertise in B2B marketing, social business and social media. She blogs at Blue Focus Marketing's blog, named MarketingSherpa's 2012 Reader's Choice Award - "Best Social Media Marketing Blog". Also, she is an expert blogger for AT&T Networking Exchange on social media.She was awarded Wharton Future of Advertising's MVP and praised as a "brilliant strategic thinker in the social media space". She was awarded a Huffington Post "Passionista" for "great business expertise and timeless blog posts". She was featured in Fast Company for "Pitching & Storytelling in the Digital World". Cheryl was a speaker on "Expanding Your Social Influence" at AT&T's Networking Leaders Academy Annual Conference. She is the winner of the 2012, 2011 and 2010 Twitter Shorty Award in Marketing [The New York Times hails this as the Oscar of Twitter], named Top 75 Twitter Women, and a 100 Top Marketer on Twitter. She is co-author of Ad Agencies Winning New Business 360, which has sold in 25 + countries worldwide. Also was also a speaker at Morgan Stanley headquarters in NYC on the power of social media during a crisis. Cheryl is a syndicated blogger for B2Community, Uprising, B2B Marketing Zone, B2B Informer and Crowdshifter. She is the co-founder of #Nifty50 Top Twitter Women and #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men.

She blogs at Follow Cheryl on Twitter @ckburgess

Posts by Cheryl Burgess

  1. Power of the Journey for Social Businesses

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 4th Jul 2012

    As we embark on the social journey through the digital bazaar, the line between brands, employees and customers continues to blur. Brands understand this is a time of uncertainty, and some have embraced change more quickly...

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  2. What makes a successful Social Executive?

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 6th Jun 2012

    The past decade has seen the emergence of the digital bazaar. In this world of seemingly infinite connections, forward-thinking executives have come to understand that they must adopt effective social business practices or risk getting left...

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  3. Seven personalities of a Social Executive

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 18th May 2012

    What exactly is a social executive, and what traits do they exhibit that other businesses looking to jump into the digital bazaar would be wise to emulate? Fortunately, thanks to Mark Fidelman’s recent piece “The 7 Personality Types of...

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  4. Brands under pressure: The brand lives in the Employees Voice

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 7th May 2012

    Demanding audiences participating in the global bazaar of social media continue to pressure brands into reorienting their goals. Consumers demand a higher level of engagement that affords them a fulfilling, relevant experience anchored by the...

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  5. Come join the party: Industry leaders define the shifting roles of branding

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 11th Apr 2012

    From the moment we wake up, brands bombard us with attempts to get our attention. These marketers gear their advertisements and logos towards making our lives easier and connected. However, in our internet-savvy world, we are beginning to demand...

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  6. The Rise of the Employee Brand

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 2nd Mar 2012

    While the stragglers sit still trying to figure it out, the smart brands have evolved into social brands. However, while the social brands sit patting themselves on the back for their innovation, the really smart brands are busy building engaged...

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  7. The Rise of Social Business – Broader than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Combined

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 14th Feb 2012

    The transformational trend of social business is disrupting and revolutionizing large and small businesses alike as the world becomes increasingly more interconnected, rewired and reoriented by social technology. Businesses are in the midst of...

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  8. Predicting the Future of Social Media

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 17th Jan 2012

    Forget predictions from Nostradamus or the Mayan Calendar. Now, we have companies like Recorded Future analyzing semantics and sentiments to foretell the future. They do this by sorting through thousands of news publications, blogs, tweets,...

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  9. How to create future brands

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 12th Dec 2011

    Imagine for a moment that brands are on a magical conveyor belt; propelled by the fusion of technology and humanization, moving toward a place called brand relevancy. The brand’s momentum could slow, increase or stop depending on each brand’s...

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  10. 2012 Social Media Business Trends

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 9th Dec 2011

    As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to start looking at social media trends for 2012. Businesses should get ready for seismic shifts on the digital landscape. Competition will intensify as the rules of marketing are further altered by...

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