Olivia Gossett

Olivia Gossett is part of the movement to evolve the online publishing and shopping experience, focusing on connecting unique content with e-commerce

She is the founder of I Like What You're Wearing Inc., an ecommerce, shoppable online fashion magazine that features outstanding next-generation fashion designers and brands. The site marries high-quality editorial content with e-commerce, so buying seamlessly becomes a part of the online magazine experience, and vice versa.

Olivia's family plays a big role in the world of fast-fashion, so she grew a curiosity for rising independent designers and has been eager to get involved with this growing niche of fashion.

Leading up to starting ILWYW, Olivia wore many hats, including copywriter, photographer, journalist, blogger and fashion stylist.

Posts by Olivia Gossett

  1. Adopt Adapt: Survival of a New Idea

    Posted by Olivia Gossett on 26th Mar 2012

    We've been taught how resistant human beings are to change, but anyone that keeps up with consumer behavior knows that this has, well, changed. We are not only going through frequent changes ourselves, but, through modern communication channels,...

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  2. Start to Finish

    Posted by Olivia Gossett on 17th Jan 2012

    It's 10:30pm on a Thursday. Some people I know are out grabbing a drink or doing laundry. Some are making plans for this weekend. And some may even be eating this thing called dinner. I'm at the office and probably will be for another hour or so....

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