Elizabeth Kiehner

A leader in both management and business growth, Elizabeth Kiehner believes in setting people up to succeed. She brings fifteen years of experience to Thornberg & Forester. As a founding partner, she challenges herself and her clients to break perceived boundaries and fearlessly pushes her team, and her business partners, to places they didn’t think they could go.

Migrating from the agency side to the boutique digital studio environment, Kiehner’s adaptability and profound understanding of a perpetually changing media landscape makes her a one-of-a-kind partner. At EURO RSCG Chicago, Kiehner produced campaigns for P&G, Alberto Culver, Bayer, and Hoover. In LA, Kiehner ran a large fashion retail account at Suissa Miller for both the general and Hispanic markets, along with duties for Strong Investments and Dole.

Upon joining Trollback + Company in New York, Kiehner dove head first into the entertainment industry, helming rebrands and campaigns for HBO, Showtime, AMC, TCM, CBS and AOL, as well as project-based work for Nike, Sony and Fidelity. After departing to run Freestyle Collective, Kiehner, along with partners Scott Matz and Justin Meredith, created the vision for Thornberg & Forester. Together, they crafted an environment where strategic, creative solutions could be conceived and produced in a media agnostic context. With a focus on listening and understanding her clients’ business goals and challenges, Kiehner enjoys peeling the layers of the onion in order to distill truly impactful communication platforms, yielding inimitable results.

An active member of the TED community, Kiehner has spoken at several global conferences including Promax BDA, Cannes, and Apple, just to name a few. A mother of two, Kiehner is a contributing writer for Women 2.0 and strongly advocates the advancement of women, especially in the field of business.

Posts by Elizabeth Kiehner

  1. Sparking of Social Movements

    Posted by Elizabeth Kiehner on 3rd Jan 2012

    Today's hyper-connected world is pervaded by social media that have become so implicated in our daily lives that we often don't stop to think how these engines of information affect everything from what we buy, to who we know, to how we...

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