Let's connect through Social Media

Posted on 25th Nov 2011 by Philip Holdsworth in Tips and Tricks

Social media is a great tool, and a brilliant advance in the capabilities of the internet. It’s has also become big business for people trying to sell their products through it. This can be a massive mistake and plenty of people do it the wrong way. Social media isn’t about shouting the loudest about your work. It’s about knowing your client base.

Let's talk about the big ones. Firstly you have Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. Facebook comes across as a more personal and intimate network, and it is harder to gain influence but people tend to be more loyal to you once you've got it. Twitter on the other hand is great for business and for socialising; it works well to mix the two. But too many brands are plastering sales orientated content through social media and completely forgetting what the whole point of it is.

Nobody needs sales messages being sent to their laptops, iPads and smartphones all day long. Respect people’s privacy and just give them what they want. If people have liked you on Twitter and Facebook they are already a fan of your brand or products, and they no doubt have purchased from you before. This is why the content should be different. You should be promoting competitions, offers, inside articles about the company itself. Rewarding past clients and fans with information they really want.

Obviously if the content is gripping and is truly engaging then by all means go for it. People who follow a company or business on Twitter or Facebook feel that they are emotionally attached to the brand, and it’s important not to exploit this fragile connection.

So where’s this going?

Twitter especially is a great place to connect. You wouldn’t be reading this blog post on this website if it wasn’t for Twitter and social media, so it’s safe to say that social media has its uses. This is the point that some business owners miss. Social media isn’t about your product; it’s not about your turnover or new clients. It’s about the company, and it’s about the people behind the brand that make everything tick and work together.

Grasp that and you’re on your way to achieving social media success. It’s in the name; if you can’t be social then you don’t really have a place in social media. I feel every company can adapt to web 2.0, but they just need a little free thinking and a little release from those chocking grip directors who only want to sell, sell, sell.

If you can create an ideology behind your brand that has the backing of everyone that is on the pay roll; your company can begin to seriously influence its community. If you can get back to basics and strip away the suits, and the egos.

Then if you can begin to show some passion, with a little bit of inspiration and twist of personality, not only will you begin to see a rise in interaction but you will also begin some great working relationships.

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