Understanding Movement Marketing

Posted on 22nd Nov 2011 by Philip Holdsworth in Blog

Let's talk marketing...

You’d think that some people would try and do it differently. Actually, you’d be wrong. And who cares, if something is working well for someone else; clearly it’s a clever thing to do. Marketing and advertising are no exception.

Too many people do not understand that purely shouting about your products is one of the worst things you could possibly do online. Instead, look at what everyone else is doing. They’re joining in on other people’s conversations, offering advice, giving things away and in the process they are building their brand, but do you know what the beauty of it is? The brand is being built by people and not a product. Behind every company there are a load of talented employees, plenty of quirky personalities and lots of interesting things to talk about. Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity and the platform to let these personalities flourish.

I am working on a project at the moment and I am taking a completely different stance when we are talking about it and marketing it. Including the copy my colleague and I are currently writing. The best way for us to do it is to talk about a dream, and in effect the product will allow customers to achieve it. The dream is what we’re selling, not the product, but that’s the same as every other bit of successful advertising you see. You’re not buying the product; you’re buying in on the ideology behind it.

This is what clients, businesses, and everyone else need to understand. It’s less of the hard-selling, ruthless approach you see so many businesses taking part in. Chasing you down the street with flyers and what not; leave me alone I shout. I spend time thinking about brands that don’t say “buy, buy, buy”, but that offer an idea that you want to be a part of.

Before everyone thinks about what they can do, let me tell you this: Movement marketing has to come from within, and it has to reflect on the very foundations a company was forged upon and strike meaning with everyone who comes into contact with it. Movement marketing is like love – it comes from the heart.

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