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Posted on 24th Nov 2011 by Alex Stoltze in Blog

The Selby produced another beautiful video, this time for Zara, one of the largest international fashion companies, featuring Lucy Chadwick who runs a contemporary art gallery in NYC. She lives with her companion and lover, Duffy, who is a hairstylist and according to Lucy, "a general all around wonder-boy."

She discusses how her experience with art has influenced her life as well as her work. The couple recently purchased an expansive barn in Upstate New York to use as an escape from the city and to get their hands dirty building something. Their goal was to tear down and rebuild the barn from the ground up.

Watch the following video which pays homage to Zara's innovative work in the fashion industry and stems from its focus on friendly stores, fabrics, transportation, employee eco-training, and even reaches the farms where animal products are only purchased from food farms, where animals are fully used after death.

Aside from their extensive environmental policy, the company is also very culturally aware and artist environmentally ically present. Under events on their homepage, we can find galleries of photos and movies from around the globe that represent Zara's store presence in a new country. Their online gallery, Dear, America, is comprised of 50 photos from 50 states, celebrates Zara's US opening of their online shop.

The company has reached its current status because of its engagement with the art world, outside of clothing, and its rigorous environmental policy. This involvement helps gain brand respect and build brand awareness among the hip twenty-somethings around the world. Brands that integrate themselves into the young art culture, like Mercedes-Benz did with mb! magazine and Absolut Vodka with initiatives that support artists, are bound to grow faster while increasing earnings.

After creating awareness, Zara seals the deal by encouraging their (potential) consumers to engage with the brand through their project: PEOPLE! Through this tool, the company allows their consumers to create a profile and upload photos of themselves wearing an outfit comprised of at least two articles of Zara clothes from their most recent line. PEOPLE! then chooses their favorite outfits and posts them to their site every week and the published photographers receive 300 Euros for participating. They started a successful interactive social movement around a company. Well done, Zara.

See below for some of my favorite published PEOPLE! outfits (in the following order):

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