1. The Rise of Social Business – Broader than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Combined

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 14th Feb 2012

    The transformational trend of social business is disrupting and revolutionizing large and small businesses alike as the world becomes increasingly more interconnected, rewired and reoriented by social technology. Businesses are in the midst of...

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  2. Creating Brand Lust and Product Heat This Valentine's Day

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 14th Feb 2012

    It’s Valentine’s Day 2012. It is no secret that if you want people to love your brand these days. Adriana Lima’s Teleflora’s TV commercial aside, you’ve got to generate lust for the brand that leads to deep love. And I don’t mean David...

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  3. On cue, Chrysler turns a great ad campaign into a movement

    Posted by Brian Sheehan on 9th Feb 2012

    In the waning days of January 2012, Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts addressed the attendees of the MIDEM music fest at Cannes. His message: “Marketing is dead. We have got a much higher calling now. Your role is not to market stuff at people, but...

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  4. Up·ris·ing while reaching back

    Posted by Lincoln Stephens on 8th Feb 2012

    The uprising of the marketing and media industry, a multibillion-dollar business, must start with the development of future generations of talent. After all, this continuous evolving industry cannot exist if it does not have savvy, strategic and...

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  5. Tapping into 'Cool' and getting personal: Reinventing your established brand

    Posted by Katy Cowan on 7th Feb 2012

    How on earth does a traditional global tech firm reinvent itself as something cool and edgy to appeal to a new generation? How can a brand that has been around for 40 years selling computer processes relate to young people on a more personal...

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  6. Why movements are like marriage

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 7th Feb 2012

    Companies spend hundreds of millions creating brand heat and product lust. They are highly protective of their reputation and brand, so isn’t it remarkable to think that just 140 characters can make or break it? Social media may have got us...

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  7. Mutiny or Movement – It’s Your Choice

    Posted by Denise Lee Yohn on 6th Feb 2012

    Business leaders have a choice to make. They can foster an employee movement that fuels the companies to greatness – or they can allow ignore, or stifle, the potential of their employee community. The choice is important now more than ever...

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  8. The Future Tastemakers of Tomorrow

    Posted by Simon Dolsten on 2nd Feb 2012

    Movie studios, record labels and radio stations used to be the tastemakers. They had all the cool content and if you wanted to experience it you had to see it through their eyes. If you wanted a number one record, you had to be on the radio. If...

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  9. Uniting the masses will help single you out!

    Posted by Lisa Colantuono on 25th Jan 2012

    There isn’t an agency that meets with AAR Partners (a 30-year agency search consultancy in case you're unfamiliar with the name) that doesn’t start or end with one of the following questions: “Who are the ad agencies that are doing things...

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  10. Content is King

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 25th Jan 2012

    Every company owner wants their site to appear at the top of search engines for a range of different search queries that are related to their business, service, products or location. The problem with this pretty picture is that there are millions...

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