Why following the crowd means brand success

Posted on 1st Nov 2011 by Scott Goodson in Blog

Let’s just imagine that you see a TV commercial for a product. It seems good….too good to be true. Do you trust it?

Now let’s imagine one of your social media friends ‘likes’ the very same product. Would you be inclined to buy it now?

Of course you would. Because whether you realize it or not, social interactions ensure a higher rate of favorability towards a brand. You’re more inclined to know about it and buy it, than if you just saw a TV or magazine ad.

But why? Our reactions to brands, and indeed all things around us, are completely unique after all. Surely we can make up our own minds? But here’s the thing – we all, really, have a desire to belong.

We want to be ‘part of the group’. We like saying ‘me too’ and that’s why more and more brands are realizing not only the importance of social channels for good ROI, but the role that movement marketing now plays when combined with social marketing.

It’s not enough just to have a strong social presence. Brands have to give something back to their online community. And Cultural Movements are a great way to do this. They motivate us to do something more. To unite and achieve something great. To share a common purpose and goal. With the brand at the helm.

Cultural Movements, when done right, will reinforce all of the important KPIs that brands need – favorability, familiarity, brand equity and brand advocacy. A TV commercial or magazine spread just can’t achieve the same thing, because it’s static. There’s no opportunity for involvement and interaction.

Of course, they still have a role to play when it comes to advertising and marketing, but the world has moved on. We expect more. We want more. Just telling us ‘this product is great’ results in a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders. Cultural Movements and social channels are a very powerful combination. We don’t shrug our shoulders, we raise our arms and say ‘At last! Someone gets it. I’m in.’

Still not convinced? Think about it. Smart USA managed to make us completely rethink the way we, as consumers, spend our money. Jim Beam encouraged us to be bold in our life choices. And all of this was achieved through the power of Cultural Movements and social media. Clever, isn’t it?

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