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  1. If you're not paying for it, you become the product

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 5th Mar 2012

    The internet continues to evolve and with it our privacy continues to be a matter of debate. It was once taken for granted by people who worked in advertising that a person’s privacy was paramount. Then some advertisers broke that trust and...

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  2. How to market an Olympic Bid City or an EXPO Bid City to win

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 2nd Mar 2012

    How do you market a city to win the honor of hosting the Olympic games? How do you overcome obstacles and win the right to host the world’s EXPO? There is of course a tremendous amount of effort that goes into the marketing...

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  3. The rise and rise of Pinterest and our love of Digital Curation

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 16th Feb 2012

    There’s a new movement underway. If you haven’t come across Pinterest yet, you soon will do. It’s a new virtual pinboard site that everyone’s talking about. It allows you to easily share visual things you’ve discovered online with your...

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  4. Creating Brand Lust and Product Heat This Valentine's Day

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 14th Feb 2012

    It’s Valentine’s Day 2012. It is no secret that if you want people to love your brand these days. Adriana Lima’s Teleflora’s TV commercial aside, you’ve got to generate lust for the brand that leads to deep love. And I don’t mean David...

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  5. Why movements are like marriage

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 7th Feb 2012

    Companies spend hundreds of millions creating brand heat and product lust. They are highly protective of their reputation and brand, so isn’t it remarkable to think that just 140 characters can make or break it? Social media may have got us...

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  6. They're turning off the web

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 18th Jan 2012

    Due to governmental interference, the Internet will be turned off until further notice. Or at least, it’s getting 24 hours in the penalty box. Don’t try to do any Wiki research today. Or indeed use Wordpress for your blog. Because these giants...

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  7. Progress Principle: You're More Important Than You Think

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 10th Jan 2012

    Do you feel that you contribute to something that matters in your job? Or do you think you’re given just a lot of meaningless tasks? The fact is that if you don’t think what you’re doing actually matters, then you won’t be motivated to...

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  8. No billboards, no outdoor advertising? What next?

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 3rd Jan 2012

    Can you imagine a city without billboards, business signs or posters? An urban landscape with absolutely no advertising displayed anywhere? Seems impossible doesn’t it but that’s exactly what happened in São Paulo, Brazil five years ago when...

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  9. How to have power and influence on the web in 2012

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 20th Dec 2011

    Let’s face it. 2011 has been one of the most eventful years to date. It’s been a time of numerous uprisings, protests and upheavals. But what’s really interesting and different about uprisings today is that individuals are starting their own...

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  10. Will 'Occupy' affect this year's Christmas shopping?

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 13th Dec 2011

    Here’s a question for you. Do you think a movement like Occupy Wall Street (OWS) can change people’s shopping habits, particularly in the run up to Christmas? Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing, certainly thinks so. She believes that...

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