Mike Bayfield

Mike Bayfield

Mike is a British copywriter currently working for Balloon Dog, an integrated agency in the UK.

Before getting into advertising he spent several years working around the world – in Canada, the US, Australia, Hong Kong and Europe – doing various jobs such as teaching, busking and freelance journalism, but mainly grafting several million roses. While grafting some of those roses in Canada he met his Dutch wife and now has two great kids, who make him far richer than they do poorer.

He is also a regular contributor to I Have An Idea and – in the little spare time he has – likes to coach his youngest son's soccer team, run, swim, cycle, ski, snowboard, surf, play the guitar/ukulele and write the occasional screenplay. Follow Mike on Twitter @mikebayf.

Posts by Mike Bayfield

  1. Don’t just shop, shwop

    Posted by Mike Bayfield on 16th May 2012

    I know very little about fashion. Ask my wife. I don’t stop wearing stuff just because it’s no longer ‘in’ – maybe because it never was. But I do still have piles of clothes lurking at the back of my closet, that haven’t seen daylight...

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  2. Young at heart

    Posted by Mike Bayfield on 27th Apr 2012

    Way back, when Dallas was still on TV and Margaret Thatcher was still on the throne, I was studying business at college in the UK. Eighties unemployment had dipped and it seemed I was almost guaranteed a job. Many of my classmates were offered two...

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  3. The word on the street

    Posted by Mike Bayfield on 20th Mar 2012

    The Arab Spring. Occupy Wall Street. The London Riots. All of these events and many more – good and bad – seem to have at least one thing in common; the way in which ideas have been shared through social media. But mass movements have been...

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