Kateryna Topol

Kateryna Topol

Kateryna Topol is an advertising art director currently residing at Leo Burnett, Toronto. Outside of the agency Kateryna is an active social media representative and a veteran member of the Advertising Week Social Club.

Aside from being an obsessive-compulsive idea builder Kateryna is also a writer with a life-long appreciation for typography. Most recently her passionate love for music coupled with background in publishing and anthropology has led her to launching an online culture magazine, QuipMag.com, as a side project.

When she’s not around, you can find her on the Internet.

Posts by Kateryna Topol

  1. Ideas Worth Sharing

    Posted by Kateryna Topol on 16th Apr 2012

    When fighting for ears and eyeballs we are also fighting for a reaching hand. The hand that pulls not only its wallet out of the pocket but takes out the smartphone and tells the world that they dig your brand. You can pay people to talk or you...

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  2. Beyond the brand and in tune with reality

    Posted by Kateryna Topol on 23rd Jan 2012

    This is not another article that will school you on how to properly do your own job. There are already a lot of opinions on what the right way of branding is and how one should go about promoting their product. Some are better than others and some...

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