Making cultural movements work for you

Posted on 30th Nov 2011 by Philip Holdsworth in Blog

Culture is something I’ve been fascinated with from a very young age. Not from a business point of view, but I just liked to meet and listen to people from around the world. Culture has always been something that should be embraced.

Every year, millions of people travel around the world for business or pleasure, and as soon as you arrive in a new and exciting country you are welcomed by a different culture. Language, architecture, food and fashion are all as interesting as ever. Cultures amazing, and what I love about it is that you can be on the other side of the world and feel very far from home, but when you start to interact and take in the atmosphere it becomes apparent that many things are exactly the same throughout the world. And it’s the same in business.

There are millions of businesses around the world and they all have a unique and interesting twist on the way they do business. But although cultures are different, they all work in the same way and the same standards are adopted. For example whether you are sat in a coffee shop in New York enjoying a cup of tea, or enjoying a quick brew in a London cafe - although there is a massive geographical gap, the same cultural ideologies are apparent, and these ideologies are much easier to identify with than a brand or product itself. The cafe and the ideology of a coffee shop feels the same, even if the produce and products are new and different.

So business owners stop and think about the very basis of your company and before you try to reign in your marketing think about who you are marketing too. Find your target audience, and then get to know them. If you do this they will learn to love you.

For those who are new to cultural movements and movement marketing don’t feel out of your depth. Everyone starts somewhere and I am relatively new to the idea myself, but when I thought about it I realized it's nothing new. I have been around and and have witnessed cultural movements my whole life; it's just now I have the ability to apply them to business. I have worked hard to understand the subject I have become fascinated in, and have recognized through working with my clients at FDC Studio that most people and business owners are in the dark when it comes to marketing. Quite often it takes someone special to make them see the light, but once they are out of the maze and are firmly on board with movement marketing the rest is plain sailing.

It's important to remember what your brand stands for. You built your company on something you believed in and were passionate about; remember your foundations are strong because your company means something to you and everyone that has invested their time in it. You shouldn't forget this - if then you can attach your company or brand to a cultural ideology or movement you will find that your company will begin to grow organically. All you have to do is create a movement that you feel 100 per cent truly passionate about and never forget these roots. Movement marketing applies to every part of your business, from your letter heads and social media to the way you answer the phones, it becomes part of your brand.

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