Liz Wilson

Liz Wilson

Originally trained as a newspaper journalist, Liz went straight from university into public relations, spending 15 years working for a PR consultancy in Manchester, leading campaigns for many big household brands and names including Napolina, Princes foods and Co-op Travel.

A highly talented copywriter, Liz has adapted her skills for digital PR and specialises in blogs, SEO-friendly website copy, feature writing and e-newsletters.

She's now part of Boomerang, a digital PR and marketing agency in England, UK.

Posts by Liz Wilson

  1. Uprisings: Big In Russia

    Posted by Liz Wilson on 24th Jul 2012

    The book "Uprising" by author and Founder of StrawberryFrog, Scott Goodson, is wonderful and inspiring. He is a pioneer. I would like to share my thoughts about the thinking in this book and the insights Scott provides on movement marketing...

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  2. Which Brands Do You Really Trust?

    Posted by Liz Wilson on 12th Apr 2012

    It’s time for a truth check – when it comes to brands, which do you really, really, really trust? And by trust I don’t mean relying on them to give you a good product. I’m talking about the whole package here. According to the Values...

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  3. Selling out Brand Loyalty for pounds, pence, dollars & cents

    Posted by Liz Wilson on 27th Nov 2011

    Only a few days ago it was a celebration of thanks, to encourage people across the US to appreciate what they have. And now we see scenes of chaos on our screens, little more than violent mall ‘mosh-pits’ where people jostle and fight to get...

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