Philip Holdsworth

Philip Holdsworth

After studying for three years to gain a degree in English Literature, Philip quickly moved into the digital world, and after working for over a year as a copywriter for a successful UK based design agency; he knows his future lies in digital marketing and cultural movements. Philip also understands the importance of making your brand user-friendly and how important identifying with your client base actually is.

If he is not writing concise and clear copy for websites he has one idea in mind - to build a brand the classic way, and to get people talking. Whether that’s through the digital spectrum, or just face to face. One thing Philip's learnt is that it’s all about ‘everything and anything but the product’. If you can spark interest just through pure passion and without even talking about your product you’re already half way there to building a lucrative business.

His belief is this: “movement marketing is like love – it comes from the heart”.

Currently Philip works for sk:n and you can also find him on Twitter

Posts by Philip Holdsworth

  1. Instagram - are you a fan?

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 7th Aug 2012

    In 2012, human beings are now beginning to embrace social media and introduce it into their day-to-day life. But just when we are beginning to get used to tweeting each other and liking interesting things, a new social network has come to a head...

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  2. Content is King

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 25th Jan 2012

    Every company owner wants their site to appear at the top of search engines for a range of different search queries that are related to their business, service, products or location. The problem with this pretty picture is that there are millions...

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  3. Embracing Movement Marketing

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 9th Dec 2011

    Is it a new way of thinking or is it something that has been around for a long time but just flies under the radar in most companies. It’s definitely the latter, well at least it was; this was until Strawberry Frog came along and changed...

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  4. You do not need to watch the news anymore because it comes to you

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 1st Dec 2011

    Social media has had a profound effect on how we live our lives. But once again, it keeps on breaking barriers. A recent revelation has made me take my hat off to social media, specifically twitter, and say thank you for making my life easier. It...

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  5. Making cultural movements work for you

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 30th Nov 2011

    Culture is something I’ve been fascinated with from a very young age. Not from a business point of view, but I just liked to meet and listen to people from around the world. Culture has always been something that should be embraced. Every year,...

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  6. Let's connect through Social Media

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 25th Nov 2011

    Social media is a great tool, and a brilliant advance in the capabilities of the internet. It’s has also become big business for people trying to sell their products through it. This can be a massive mistake and plenty of people do it the wrong...

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  7. Understanding Movement Marketing

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 22nd Nov 2011

    Too many people do not understand that purely shouting about your products is one of the worst things you could possibly do online. Instead, look at what everyone else is doing. They’re joining in on other people’s conversations, offering...

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