Sylvia O'Hagan

Sylvia O'Hagan

Media Specialist, public relations veteran and published writer Sylvia O’Hagan finds creativity to be her strongest asset. Whether it be writing that winning pitch, discovering and utilizing new angles and tactics to intrigue journalists or tapping into a current trend, Sylvia knows how to grab the attention of the media, and establish great relationships with them that results in great ink for her clients. In her twenty five years doing public relations, Sylvia has secured hits in outlets including Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, The New York Times, Vogue, Parade, Prevention and many other top magazines, newspapers, broadcast venues and websites.

Sylvia O’Hagan’s career in public relations began in-house as the public relations manager for Clarins, a global cosmetics company, as it first launched in the United States. After leaving Clarins in 1996, Sylvia became the Director of Community / Public Relations of the Alzheimer’s Association Westchester / Putnam Chapter at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, New York. At the same time, she remained immersed in consumer goods public relations through freelance assignments with public relations agencies including Cairns & Associates, Behrman and Tractenberg and Marina Maher where she did media work and writing for accounts including Elizabeth Arden, Pond’s, Helene Curtis, Cutex and Vaseline Intensive Care.

Sylvia then worked at the boutique health and beauty PR firm Chris Molinari Communications, where as Senior Media Director she directed media efforts for a variety of clients, including Aveda, Maidenform, Clearasil, Portico, La Perla, Fendi and the launch of N.V. Perricone Cosmeceuticals. In 2005, Sylvia became an independent public relations consultant and writer. She specializes in consumer products and worked for major brands including Olympic Paint, Newell Rubbermaid, Philips Lighting, Wendy’s and Georgia-Pacific.

Sylvia holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY, New York.

Posts by Sylvia O'Hagan

  1. The role of humor in social media for business

    Posted by Sylvia O'Hagan on 6th Aug 2012

    Everyone likes a good laugh. No matter what part of the globe you are from, household income, age… whatever someone’s circumstance, humor is part of human nature and the one thing we all appreciate and like to enjoy every day, on and off line...

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  2. Social Networking’s Gender Gap

    Posted by Sylvia O'Hagan on 26th Jul 2012

    When it comes to social networking practices and preferences, the gender gap is alive, well…and huge it seems. A recent infographic by data journalist and information journalist David McCandless noted stats on how men and women differ as to the...

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  3. Build it right and they will come

    Posted by Sylvia O'Hagan on 24th Jul 2012

    Much is discussed about the need for brands to have a social media presence and engage on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. More and more companies are also seeing the value, and ROI, of building and nurturing their own online...

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  4. Understanding the Need to Share for Marketing Success

    Posted by Sylvia O'Hagan on 12th Jun 2012

    Whitney Houston’s death and funeral this past February was a social media fueled event. Newscasters reported on celebrity reaction through their tweets, the New York Times reported on the Facebook and Twitter explosion on the news noting, for...

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  5. Channeling Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

    Posted by Sylvia O'Hagan on 11th Jun 2012

    An episode of Mad Men this season had copywriter Peggy Olson left in charge of pitching – unsuccessfully – an ad campaign for Heinz beans. This was round two for the renowned TV ad agency, after Peggy’s original bean ballet idea was shot...

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  6. Social Engineering - new possibilities in Movement Marketing

    Posted by Sylvia O'Hagan on 21st May 2012

    Just weeks before its monumental IPO, Facebook made headlines again earlier this month when it took on a cause and sparked much change for the better. On Tuesday, May 1st, Facebook added a section to its health and wellness section where users...

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