How to get ahead in advertising

Posted on 6th Oct 2011 by Scott Goodson in Tips and Tricks

Think back to 1989. A young executive struggles to make his mark in the advertising world, tasked with coming up for a slogan for a new pimple cream product. Sounds like a plot from a movie? It was.

But the pimple principle is still the same. How can you really get ahead in advertising today? It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you’ve still got to ensure that your campaign gets your product noticed in the right way and with the right people.

You’ve also got to make sure that any dollars spent work damn hard and give tangible results. From the original objectives to the final outcome, everything has to be carefully planned and thought through so it works exactly the way it should.

For newbies, making the leap from study to work can be hard. Securing that all important first job can seem like the be-all and end-all. But I firmly believe that if you’re a student today studying advertising, your greatest asset is your creativity.

Thinking outside the traditional box is how we came to create the world’s first Cultural Movement agency. We didn’t just shake up the marketing and advertising industry, we turned it upside down.

With the communication industry changing as quickly as it is, in advertising you have to stay ahead of the game. You can’t have a static attitude. Think about it….how do you think we’ll be communicating with each other in one, two or five years time? Think back 10 years….if someone had told you that in 2011 we’d be tweeting and Facebooking one another, would you believe it?

But you don’t have to be able to see into the future to make your mark in advertising. Because you are the future of advertising. You’re the fresh talent. What happens next is up to you. With a little self-belief and a lot of creative approach, anything is possible.

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