It's Tweet Time for Ben & Jerry's

Posted on 22nd Aug 2011 by Scott Goodson in Blog

Eating ice-cream is a guilty pleasure, but now you can truly enjoy your favorite flavor and feel good about yourself.

Ben & Jerry’s may not be the first name you think of when looking at brands who truly strive to achieve positive change through the way they do business, but making the world a better place is at its very heart. And of course, any brand which successfully mixes business with positive change deserves to be celebrated in this new era of movement marketing.

Ben & Jerry’s is about to get its fans passionate about Fair Trade Month, which happens in October. To spread the message, you’re invited to literally say less on Twitter. If your tweets are short and sweet, then you can donate your spare, remaining unused characters to the ‘Fair Tweets’ cause. If you sign up, your Tweet will be automatically finished off with a pre-set message about Fair Trade, encouraging others to take part as well.

Of course, the campaign backs Ben & Jerry’s commitment to using Fair Trade ingredients in their frozen desserts, and ‘Fair Tweets’ is just the latest in their ‘Social Mission’ programs since the company was founded in 1978. Way before anyone really got interested in using brands to achieve positive change.

The message of Fair Tweets is simple – when it comes to the Fair Trade farmers that Ben & Jerry’s uses, every purchase counts. So when you’re next at the grocery store, to do your bit you’ll buy their brand. It’s easy and simple activism, using just one form of social media, but one which helps position them in consumers’ minds as the only dairy dessert with a conscience.

So why not go ahead and indulge? And if anyone says anything, just tell them you’re doing your part for Fair Trade Month.

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