Advertising 3.0 - Movement Marketing

Posted on 8th Oct 2011 by Scott Goodson in Blog

Forget about ads. Spark a movement instead. Brands today can’t ignore the fact that the marketing landscape has radically altered in favor of movement marketing. There hasn’t just been a shake-up here, there’s been an earthquake.

Why? TV, print and radio have their place, but with the advent of social media and new technologies, everyone is online. Everyone is talking, and sharing. And so the opportunity is there for brands to be part of the conversation.

Cultural Movement marketing seeks to mobilize a brand’s audience via shared brand experiences, towards brand goals that benefit the brand, the consumer and society or culture. This marketing model is fundamentally better suited for today than the traditional purely product-driven USP models of the past.

Because, as I’ve said many times, it doesn’t center on the products. It’s an authentic, genuine sharing of passions between a brand and a customer. Smart brands, like Apple, are already aware of just how powerful this can be and have already radically altered their marketing approach.

Indeed, the StrawberryFrog team – including myself – will be explaining to marketing enthusiasts just how Cultural Movements are devised, created and launched in a dedicated workshop at the forthcoming Cannes Lions festival (19-25 June).

There’s no doubt Cultural Movement marketing is still ‘new’ to many. And so we aim to teach professionals of the future why it’s so important in these times that brands start the conversation and spark a movement. And why dollars spent on movement marketing work harder and achieve better results than traditional avenues. Because let’s not forget that thanks to the internet, mobile technology and social media, the whole world is your audience.

And if you get movement marketing right, there are potentially millions of people who will be ripe and ready to hear what your brand has to say. Who actively want to become part of it, a ready-made army of loyal brand advocates who encourage others to follow suit.

Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to the new age of marketing.

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