The role of humor in social media for business

Posted on 6th Aug 2012 by Sylvia O'Hagan in Tips and Tricks

Everyone likes a good laugh. No matter what part of the globe you are from, household income, age… whatever someone’s circumstance, humor is part of human nature and the one thing we all appreciate and like to enjoy every day, on and off line.

The enjoying and sharing of humorous jokes, visuals, anecdotes and videos is a big part of social media activity in our personal lives, but what should be its role in business? Should humor content be a part of your company’s social media campaign?

The experts say yes, but with crucial caveats. Reasons why you should consider using humor in your campaign include the fact that humor can serve to humanize a brand, prompting your audience to a different mindset about your product, services and company image. Humor also works well to get people’s attention and appeal to their emotions, two factors that will increase the likelihood of viewers remembering and sharing your content.

The flip side is that humor can, and has succeeded, in getting some brands into hot water, as evidenced by McDonald’s Twitter campaign fail and Huggies Dad directed Facebook diaper videos debacle.

Bottom line is that humor is enjoyed and shared for a reason, and your brand should consider its benefits when planning all your social media content – with special care. Before you hire that comedy writer or start sharing those puns however, we offer these fun facts to consider…

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