Tips and Tricks

  1. The role of humor in social media for business

    Posted by Sylvia O'Hagan on 6th Aug 2012

    Everyone likes a good laugh. No matter what part of the globe you are from, household income, age… whatever someone’s circumstance, humor is part of human nature and the one thing we all appreciate and like to enjoy every day, on and off line...

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  2. Channeling Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

    Posted by Sylvia O'Hagan on 11th Jun 2012

    An episode of Mad Men this season had copywriter Peggy Olson left in charge of pitching – unsuccessfully – an ad campaign for Heinz beans. This was round two for the renowned TV ad agency, after Peggy’s original bean ballet idea was shot...

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  3. Cultural Events = Cultural Movements

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 27th Apr 2012

    There’s now officially less than 100 days until the world’s attention focuses on London and the 2012 Olympics. Of course any major sporting event – whether the Olympics or the Superbowl - is a golden opportunity for brands to race ahead not...

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  4. Want Brand Success? Make Your Customers Cry, But Don't Stop There

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 12th Apr 2012

    We all love things that make us laugh. Or that make us cry. Brands know this – it’s why there are tons of commercials which have really gone all out and not just tugged on our heart strings but really yanked them. Who could forget Google...

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  5. Want to get noticed? Go viral

    Posted by Katy Cowan on 10th Apr 2012

    When it comes to getting noticed these days, the art of persuasion or shouting out your brand messages simply won’t cut it anymore. Today – thanks to the Internet and its impact on our daily lives, if you want to grab attention, you have to...

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  6. How to have power and influence on the web in 2012

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 20th Dec 2011

    Let’s face it. 2011 has been one of the most eventful years to date. It’s been a time of numerous uprisings, protests and upheavals. But what’s really interesting and different about uprisings today is that individuals are starting their own...

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  7. How to create future brands

    Posted by Cheryl Burgess on 12th Dec 2011

    Imagine for a moment that brands are on a magical conveyor belt; propelled by the fusion of technology and humanization, moving toward a place called brand relevancy. The brand’s momentum could slow, increase or stop depending on each brand’s...

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  8. Want brand success? Make them love you

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 5th Dec 2011

    Forbes recently revealed its Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders 2011, something that independently measures brand loyalty to see which products consumers seem to love the most. Top of the list was Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Samsung followed by Zappos,...

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  9. Become a Social Business

    Posted by Scott Goodson on 29th Nov 2011

    With newspaper circulations down, television commercials easily skipped and social media the number one activity on the web, brands are naturally following the crowd by going ‘social’ and joining millions of people online. They’re setting up...

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  10. Let's connect through Social Media

    Posted by Philip Holdsworth on 25th Nov 2011

    Social media is a great tool, and a brilliant advance in the capabilities of the internet. It’s has also become big business for people trying to sell their products through it. This can be a massive mistake and plenty of people do it the wrong...

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