Instagram - are you a fan?

Posted on 7th Aug 2012 by Philip Holdsworth in Blog

In 2012, human beings are now beginning to embrace social media and introduce it into their day-to-day life. But just when we are beginning to get used to tweeting each other and liking interesting things, a new social network has come to a head and this time it’s in the shape of Instagram.

Effectively it’s a social network that allows you to post interesting and artistic images. Realistically, it’s taking over our lives.

Instagram allows us to get retro and produce the images our grandparents have hiding away in the depths of their cupboards. It also allows us to spray these images across the web once we have edited them. Originally I thought this was the most exciting part of it but as I’ve used it more I’ve seen the true point of it.

Like Facebook, Twitter, and the all the other social networks, Instagram focuses on sharing. It’s human nature to share things and social media gives a point to sharing things. Build a beautiful and informative blog about a passion of yours, tweet interesting material about a given subject, or document your life in a series of artistic and emotive images on Instagram.

This latest edition to the huge movement that is social media is another string to the social bow. Each social network has a different benefit and focuses on a specific type of content. For people that require a little more color in their lives Instagram has made it even cooler to be interested in photography. But now businesses are beginning to smell the profit in it and are moving to a network that is less saturated.

Look out for businesses promoting their products creatively through Instagram over the coming months. Right now the likes of Starbucks and Red Bull are already doing a pretty good job at providing their customers with some amazing content so it’s only a matter of time before the rest step up to the mark.

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